Shopping the Shop

We are always delighted to have you come visit our shop, and often we have treats to share on the front table. It is a calm and relaxing way to spend the afternoon, browsing through all our books, fabrics and threads. Not everyone can come to visit however, so we are starting a new section on our site called "Shopping the Shop." Here we will show you many of the projects we have for the different holidays and the current displays I have set up. Just click the display you want to see, and it will link you to many of the pictures we have . You can see a close-up by clicking on the picture. If you would like to order something you see, just give us a call and we will send it right out. We can send you a complete kit or just the pattern if it comes as just a pattern. We probably can't send you a cookie, a whisp of music, or our friendly company, but perhaps it will be the next best thing. We will update this area often and will add new things as we get them stitched up. Enjoy!

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