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Shepherd's Bush Stitching Bags

Shepherd's Bush Stitching Bags

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Now we offer them in four sizes. A very large bag (papa size) for those long projects on roller bars: 22"x12" ($ 33.00). We have a mama size which is about 18"x13" ($ 28.00) and the teen size 14"x12" ($ 24.00). The baby size is perfect for a tiny project or your scissors and implements, 7 1/2"x7" ($ 14.00).

All our bags are sewn out of wonderful designer fabrics, and if you are really lucky you could get a matched set. We always have a large variety of fabrics, but if you are worried about buying "sight unseen" we do have some patterns that are usually in stock (unless at some point the fabric is discontinued).  You can order bags in one of these fabrics, or just call and ask for a description of the other fabric patterns. Our fabric constantly change, please call for availability.  

Fabric Swatches

Blue Moon Sewing Bag Fabric
Blue Hydrangea  Happy Stitching
Retro Fruit Paisley Flowers
Gray Floral Tina's Floral