Shop Tour
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Welcome to Shepherd's Bush! We are located here, on 24th Street, in downtown Ogden, Utah, in a blacksmith's shop built in the late 1800s. It has been renovated, of course, and we now welcome stitchers from Utah and all around the world. Hurry along now.   
 Our front door welcomes you in, so come on--past our flowering pots and through into the cool and joyful world that we call home.  Take your time--there is a huge bench and magazines for the non-stitchers and a toy room for the kids.  Enjoy your visit. 
 Finally you are in.  Our quiet vestabule is a tiny sanctuary of calm and quiet.  Take a breath, share a little treat, and get yourself ready to spend a few hours--or the day--with us.  If you choose, have a seat at our little table here and stitch for a while.  
This might be one of the first things that you see when you amble into the shop proper.  It isl our Center Display and it is overflowing with the newest delights that have arrived.  Now turn around and look at our main wall which is filled with beautiful samplers.  This is a veritable feast for the eyes and a call to the heart.  Just take a moment and enjoy the beauty.    This little wall across from our front counter is sort of a seasonal spot.  We change it out frequently and right now it holds wonderful sheep pieces
 I love this little wall tucked up above our Weeks and Crescent overdyed floss.  It is filled with inspirational samplers and sayings--large projects and quick minis. They are some of our most loved.  We have thousands of cross stitch patterns which are fun to browse through.  They are organized by topic, designer, and new arrivals.  If you are looking for anything we can help you find it here.  Can you believe how many counted fabrics we stock?  From 6 count to 65 count--linens, cottons, aidas, and overdyes, there is always somethings to tempt and intrigue.
If you come around the corner you will see a little area which is dedicated to many of our Shepherd's Bush designs.  Just take a moment and look through some of our favorite pieces.   This is a great little spot where you can have a seat and look through the file of many of our kits.  Just linger with me for a moment and decide which one you would like to take a look at.   One more wall of our own kits which holds quite a few Christmas pieces.  If you look closely, you will see Emmanuel's Song and Angel Song--some of my favorite Advent samplers. 
One of our favorite areas is the wall of bees.  For all of you bee lovers out there--and really who isn't--this is the spot for you. We have so many darling pictures for you to look at and bee inspired Utah is the Beehive State, but I think that most of us loves bees--in stitching at least.  Don't hesitate to linger here and look at all the various buzzing creatures.  We promise you won't get stung.                                                   Gosh, here we are already near the back of the shop at a huge wall of cotton quilting fabrics.  We use our fabrics for backing stockings and the many pillows that we love to stitch.
At the back of the shop we have a wall of fabulous and unusual threads.  Mostly overdyed silks, but also anything from chenille, to alpaca, to wools.   Here we have all our wonderful perle cottons in every color imaginable.  Also there is a table of sweet pillows and an area of popular cross stitch kits. This great red wall is filled with Americana pieces.  Look closely and enjoy all of the darling patriotic pieces which are fun at any time of the year.
We have an entire section devoted to Halloween  Everywhere you look there are wonderful, spooky, creepy pieces.  We also have so many Halloween ornaments  Halloween at it's best! Teri is always so sad to have to move Halloween to the back of the shop that she made its own special little section--complete with great, green paint.  Look around to see some of our favorite spooky stitchings.  We love to choose darling patterns, crazy overdyed fabrics, and scrumptious Halloween thread colors to celebrate this fun time.
  Thanksgiving gets a small corner when it is not fall. This is such a fun lovely holiday, and the pieces for it tend to be beautiful and very fun.  Sorry, you might have to look up quite high for this area.  Here is a new Shepherd's Bush pincushion display.  These are all so delightful, and fun to stitch.  All of them come in kits with the supplies you need to stitch wonderful place for your needles and pins.  
   Here is a happy Spring display, I am always so ready to see the sweet pastel colors that herald spring  And we decorate our tree with ornaments and flowers.  We have a whole area for the beginner stitcher, whether you are 7 or 107 these easy beginner kits are perfect. We call them kids kits.  
In Utah, we have this love/hate relationship with snow.  But at the shop we adore all of our snow things.  From cheerful snowmen to sweet winter scenes, there is always something from which to choose.  But which one will it be?   We call this the Snapper wall.  We have had so much fun over the past few years with these delightful pieces.  From seasonal to inspirational, there is definietly something that will your restless fingers.  Have a good look.
 And here we are already back to our front window.  Most of the year, this is home to most of our Christmas and holiday pictures.  On the wall and the old dresser, you will see a plethora of fabulous pictures, pillows and pin cushions.
 Here we are still in the front window.  Just enjoy all the samplers scattered over the original brick wall and well as the myriad of pillows arranged on our antique child's bed.  Ok, you probably can't see the bed for the cushions.  Good luck seeing it all.  Are you sure you have to leave?  Oh well, you can always come back again tomorrow.  And if you would like to come in person--remember that Shepherd's Bush is the perfect stop for anywhere you might want to go in the West. See you soon.  T