Shepherd's Retreat 2018

Shepherd's Retreat 2018

The Canyons Park City Utah 

Thursday March 15th

Thanks everyone that has signed up for the retreat.  We are full to overflowing.  
Thank you so much.  

We will post the Retreat brochure at 12:00 PM -noon 
We are on mountain  daylight time so check the world clock on your phone to check your time with ours.   At 12:00 you will be able to click on the links below and they will take you to the Retreat Brochure and to the registration form.  If you email your form, we will write you back quickly that we have received it.   If you fax, we will let you know by text if you list your cell phone. It may take us a few days to sort through everything.  Your confirmation letter will come out next week.
 We are so excited to have you come to the Retreat.   Good Luck 

2018 Shepherd's Retreat Brochure

2018 Retreat Registration form

Here are a few tips 
•  This Retreat will be fabulous whichever track you take, so I would suggest being 
flexible.   If the track you want fills up, take the other one.  You will have a blast wherever you end up.
• If you are coming with friends, please tell us on the registration form if you would like to be together in a class.   There is a place to do this.  

It is almost time to sign up for the Retreat.  Yay!  
We will post the brochure on March 15th at 12:00 noon mountain daylight time
You may print the registration form at that time, fill it out completely, and either fax it back or scan and email it back to us.  If you live nearby, you can always bring it into the shop.  Last time, it filled up within the afternoon, so be ready to act.  If you email the form, I will try to let you know quite quickly that we have received it.  If you fax it, it might take a bit longer.  Be sure to write very, very legibly.  Both Tracks will be fantastic--I promise.  Plus you will have evening activities to get to know the other teachers as well.
Retreat Dates:
October 12-13:  Open House at Shepherd's Bush, Ogden, Utah  (optional, but very fun)
October 14:  Free day to travel here or enjoy Autumn in Utah
October 15-17:  Retreat at The Canyons in Park City
( you will need to stay at the Resort on those days.)


Retreat 2016

Our 2016 Retreat was a blast,  We had amazing teachers teachers, gorgeous projects, and fabulous participants.  We all had a great time meeting friends, and making new memories.  This year our theme was "Embrace the Journey".  It was such a great theme.   We stayed at the most gorgeous spot in Park City-  The Canyons.  It is a beautiful hotel with all the amenities.  Thank you so much to everyone who left their busy lives to come stitch with us all weekend. 
 Our Retreat started on Tuesday and Wednesday with an open house at the Shop in Ogden, We are dressed and ready for visitors  Jeannette Douglas helps Teri at  the front counter.  They love to visit and chat with everyone.  The shop open house is a crazy and super fun, with lots of new and fun things stitched.   Paulette of Plum Street designs (left), Brenda of With Thy Needle and Thread (middle), pose with Des their chauffeur for the day.  
 Darling friends from far and wide make the trip to visit us at the shop for those first couple of days.  It is so much fun to visit and catch up.    On to the Canyons for the Retreat to begin.  We set up a shop up in Park City to highlight the teachers, and any of the attending designers that would like to participate.  We have special things just for the Retreat shop, and all sorts of fun things to buy.  We are finished setting up the retreat shop up in Park City and take a moment to breathe before we open up.  
 The shop up there has so many delights.  The teachers bring new designs and different things so everyone is so excited.    The Blackbirds had a fun section, They brought new stitching dot magnets that were a total hit.  In the back you can see our finished model of the Garden club.   Sharon from the Purple thread, set up a display of her wonderful things'  She has so many fine and intriguing kits and designs. 

Here is part of the accessory table, brimming with cool and unusual things we had gathered all year.  
This is part of Brenda's display, she brought so many new charts to the joy of all.   We do a free pattern each day, and  make up kits as well.  This year, we had a fun Halloween Hare from Paulette and a new fall chart from Teri.  
As part of our Retreat we do a exchange, to support the Heifer Project ( )  This year we made scissor fobs to exchange.  Everyone who donates a scissor fob, also donates $5.00 all of which goes towards our Heifer project.  Shepherd's Bush matches all money collected for this project and together we send girls to school under developed countries.   With all the money collected, and a match grant from Heifer, we were able to send 20 girls to school.  Thanks so much everyone. This project really hit home as we could make a difference in young lives.    
The Welcome project was to stitch luggage  tags.  The tags were already made by a dear friend of ours (Lonii).  Everyone stitched their names and then put them onto their printed tote bag.   The Tote bags were in the registration packets.   
Here are the class projects they were wonderful and so different.  The Blackbirds had an antique sampler, and taught a pincushion.  It was wonderful.  Their country was Scotland.  
Jeanette's project was a journey box.  It had many little parts and pincushions.  Wonderful colors and so beautiful.  Her country was Holland.
Linda, Chessie and Me did a sweet sewing box that her girl would have brought with her as she emigrated from England (her country).  The box was filled with sweet needlework implements 
Paulette's country was America (of course).  Her amazing sampler had a historical flair.  George Washington crossing the Delaware, Lincoln with a flag, the pilgrims and so many more wonderful motifs.  So much fun.
Brenda from With Thy Needle and Thread brought a fabulous Christmas piece.  It is a shadow box with all sorts of darling Christmas things.  The box is a perfect fit for all the stitched pieces 
Cece Stricklin from the Thread Gatherer was our speaker on Friday night.  She told everyone about the history of the color of red.  She is a dyer and knows so many great facts and odd trivia.  she gave everyone the sampler pattern and a beautiful pincushion  to match.  
Classed were so much fun, no matter which teachers you had.  
Leslie is showing her completed scissor fob.  Everyone was given a charm with each event. By the end of the week end, it was sooooo neat, filled with charms from all over. even an english penny that Caroline Seldon brought to share with everyone.  
Here are the great purple scissors, hand crafted just for us from Italy.  The scissor fob has charms from around the world.  
 This was the project we all shared On Thursday evening.  It was our Shared Stitches, and each teacher contributed a pincushion pattern from their country.  Here are all the wonderful treasures that everyone received at during the weekend.  Hopefully everything is filled with wonderful memories of a time spent with old friends and new ones.
And then,  the retreat that we have dreamed of, planned about and prepared for is over, and it is time to say goodbye and bid safe travels.  That is the worst part of the weekend...knowing that it will be another two years before we gather again here under the Autumn skies to visit and share a small piece of our lives with each other.  Be safe everyone, and we shall hope to see you all again in 2018.  hugs, Tina...and Teri