2016 Retreat


The Canyons Park City Utah 

We just sent out confirmation letters, so if you have not heard from us, please check your spam file, or give us a call, we may not have a correct email for you.  You are not registered until you have received your confirmation letter.  Please read your letter, it contains lots of important information.  Give us a call if you have any questions.  
See you in October!

We are delighted that the Retreat is full with a waiting list.  If you would like to be put onto the waiting list, please give us a call.  
For those of you that made it in - yippee!!, we will have so much fun.  

We are so excited to share with you the 
 Retreat Brochure!!!

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Check out the teachers, the schedule, and the registration form.  Registration is full.   We hope to see you in October.  

We are excited to post the dates of the 2016 Shepherd's Retreat. 
  Tuesday October 11 open house at Shepherd's Bush
Wednesday October 12 open house at Shepherd's Bush
Thursday  October 13- Saturday October 15 - Shepherd's Retreat 
Our retreat is held at the fabulous Canyons resort in Park City Utah  please remember all participants must be staying within the Shepherd's Bush block of rooms at the Canyons   There are many different options available  
we will post more info  in January 2016  
we hope to see you there   

Retreat 2014

Our 2014 Retreat was so much fun,  We had fabulous teachers, inspiring projects, and wonderful participants.  Everyone had a great time meeting friends, and making new memories.  Our theme was "Over the River and Through the Wood"- an old fashioned Thanksgiving.  We stayed at the most gorgeous spot in Park City.   The Canyons is a beautiful hotel with all the amenities.  Thank you so much to everyone who left their busy lives to come stitch with us all weekend. 
 Our Retreat started on Tuesday and Wednesday with an open house at the Shop in Ogden, Jeannette helped Tina behind the counter.  She tied bows and pins on all the bags and was so darling.    Ann Robbins (left) and Pat Ryan (right) of R & R Reproductiins and Paulette Stewart (middle) of Plumstreet Samplers all stopped by the shop to see everyone.   Linda Lautenschlager (left) of Chessie and Me, Jeannette Douglas (middle) of Jeannette Douglas Designs, and Teri (Shepherd's Bush) all pose for a photo at the shop. 
 On to the Canyons for the Retreat to begin.  We set up a shop up in Park City to highlight the teachers, and any of the attending designers that would like to participate.  We have special things just for the Retreat shop, and all sorts of fun things to buy.   This is Jeannette's table, we bring up the models we have of her gorgeous designs, and then she brings new and different things to tempt everyone who comes.  Paulette brought 4  wonderful new designs to show at the Retreat.  First we have registration where you pick up your info and a sweet welcome project. Everyone could choose between 6 different designs, then Nancy helped them finish their necklace.  
  Everyone went right in sand started stitching many of them finished this darling pendent.  Shannon and Timsey are wearing their finished necklaces after an afternoon of stitching and visiting with old friends and new.    As part of our Retreat we do a pin cushion exchange, to support the Heifer Project ( www.heifer.com )  Everyone who donates a pincushion, also donates $5.00 all of which goes towards our Heifer project.  Shepherd's Bush matches all money collected for this project and together we buy sheep for under developed countries.  With all the money collected, we were able to purchase 16 sheep.   Some people at the retreat, donated money but did not make a pincushion.  If you did make a pincushion to donate, you received a different one at the banquet.  These pincushions were so amazing, Reeta and I had such fun taking them in and displaying them for everyone to enjoy.  Thank you to everyone who participated. 
Next the teachers reveal their class projects.  Paulette wonderful class piece  celebrates the blessings of Thanksgiving time.  Everyone happily anticipated their time in this fabulous class.
Ann holds up the lovely sampler that she and Pat taught in their class which celebrated family and generations of women.  It was so sweet.   Jeannette stitched her sampler twice, because she wanted to add a family at the bottom.  It is so amazing. 
Here is our project "Thankful Be"  Tina designed such a gorgeous sampler.   Linda of Chessie and Me 's holds up her sampler which is fantastic.  It is Over the River and Through the Woods and is worked on two different pieces of linen which are sewn together.  So darling.
Three generations of button makers--Cecile, Rachel and baby Amelia--show off the darling pumpkin pin cushions that they taught in their class.  Most people finished this during the class and took home another completed project. 
Everyone gathered Thursday night to meet the teachers and hear a little something about each one of them.  Then we stitched on the retreat bag creating a tiny sampler for it with borders by each of the teachers.  
Here is a picture of one of the classes already busy with the stitching of their first project.  Each person took 3 different classes.  So many wonderful projects. 
Just as each class began, we would hand out a small surprise.  The gift for the first class was the pair of scissors.  In the second class, everyone was given the floral scissor sheath, an
 It made such a fun Fall set.  
On Friday night we all gathered to learn about making buttons from the Rachel and Cecile at Just Another Button Company.  Everyone got an assortment of clay, a booklet of instructions and the tools to try their hands at creating their very own buttons.  
After a few minutes of not knowing exactly where to start, everyone was soon busy and excited at working with the clay and creating their own tiny masterpieces.  People lingered for a long time cutting and shaping their darling buttons. 
Tina, Teri and Sue lingered through most of the night baking the buttons, cooling them and labeling them for each person to receive her own creations.  We didn't even burn one batch.  5 toaster ovens, and 205 batches of buttons... the Canyons thought we were nuts. 
No matter how much preparation we did leading up to the retreat, Saturday afternoon is a bit of a frantic rush to get everything ready for the banquet that night.  It took many hands to assemble the turkey nut cups that Teri and Sue had worked on for days as well as assembling the button jars that we had worked on all summer.
But in the end, the tables were set and ready for our guests.  How sweet they all looked! 
These are the turkey nut cups and the jars of buttons that held each person's carefully crafted buttons.  
 A delicious Thanksgiving dinner was served and shared by all.  Yum. And then we embarked on a Richards family tradition, a rousing game of Thanksgiving Bingo. A variety of prizes were awarded... from candy ,  supplies for a thanksgiving dinner, to surprises from the teachers, Jill even donated a mat set.  
And then,  the retreat that we have dreamed of, planned about and prepared for is over, and it is time to say goodbye and bid safe travels.  That is the worst part of the weekend...knowing that it will be another two years before we gather again here under the Autumn skies to visit and share a small piece of our lives with each other.  Be safe everyone, and we shall hope to see you all again in 2 years.  hugs, Tina...and Teri