Meet Our Staff

We have a small but wonderful group of friends that work for us. Some of them have been with us for over 20 years.

Lynnette Burgess has been with us from the beginning. She works out in front, and also cuts all the fabric and assembles most of the larger kits. She keeps the front in great order, she keeps us organized.
If you ever call the shop, Sue is the one you’ll be talking to. she knows everything, and can help find almost anything. She deals with the phone, the mail orders and helps keep Tina sane in the back.
Nancy holds down the middle of the week. She works out in front with the customers. She is always sweet and happy. She does all kinds of needlework, and she has been stitching for Teri like crazy.
Chyrl King is our Monday gal, she sterilizes everything in the front each week. She is always happy and kind and loves everything red. She is a marvelous quilter and stitches wonderfully neat things.
Kari has worked for us since she was a child. She is our niece, and now jsut works on weekends as she has a little boy of her own to keep her busy at home. She is expecting another boy in July..
  Reeta is our newest worker. She is an accomplished stitcher and keeps us on top of everything new that is out there.