Directions from the Salt lake Airport to Shepherd’s Bush
How to Get From There to Here in 5 Easy Steps

  1.  For your trip to Ogden, remember that the mountains are typically to your east, so please orient yourself accordingly. Utahans (sometimes called Utahns) who live on the Wasatch front depend on these landmarks to find their way around and are usually totally disoriented when they go anywhere else, including the backside of these mountains.
  2.  Repeat to yourself three times: “I can do this,” keeping in mind that you could probably figure this trip out without my help, except that it would not allow me to be your tour guide, a secret ambition of mine. (I harbor an even greater ambition to be your tour bus driver, but we’ll leave that to another retreat.)
  3.  Leave the lovely airport parking garage and follow the signs south (big mountains to your left) to exit the airport. You will follow the airport exit and choose “City Center, Ogden, Provo”. Do not go to Reno or the Bangerter 215 exit. Stay left and choose I-214 North to Ogden. Do not go to Provo. You will travel on this road for about 7 miles until you merge onto I-15 Northbound to Ogden. Just drive slowly and remember that you are heading north to Ogden. Once you have gotten onto I-15, be sure that the mountains are not on your right or you are probably heading towards Provo which is a place not nearly as much fun as Shepherd’s Bush.
  4. Continue on I-15 for about 30 miles. You will pass Bountiful, Centerville and Farmington and travel within viewing distance of our inland sea, the Great Salt Lake. Near Farmington and in sight of the Lagoon Amusement Park you will be given a choice to stay on I-15 or exit to South Ogden. It will be easiest if you stay on I-15. Continue on past Kaysville, Layton, Clearfield and Roy. You’re nearly there. After Roy, you will see many Ogden exits. Watch for the 24th Street exit, about the third one. Take this exit into our city center by making a right turn at the stop sign. It will be a couple of miles, heading now towards the mountains. You will eventually go across a viaduct (bridging the Ogden River and the historic Ogden Rail-yards and Union Station) and down a little hill to a stop light. Shepherd’s Bush is just ahead on your left. Look for a large, old building with a dark blue awning out over the sidewalk.
  5. You made it! Great job. Now park your car and visit with us awhile. See you soon! …Teri