About Us

Shepherd’s Bush is a wonderful needlework store located in the historic district of downtown Ogden Utah. My sister Teri and I open this shop in 1984. 28 years later we are a fabulous needlework store bursting at the seams with beautiful linens, gorgeous threads, and thousands of patterns. We pride ourselves on providing the best customer service, whether you are visiting in person or calling on the phone to place a mail order. If you need something- give us a call.

Teri and I grew up in a family that loved creating things together. It seemed like someone always had a project spread out on the kitchen table, and from the time that we could hold a needle, our oldest sister had us embroidering stacks of dish towel sets with a different design for each day of the week. We still sell these in our shop, and it always makes us smile.

While we were in college, Teri and I worked for a knitting store. One day the owner came back from the Needlework Market with a huge box of Aida cloth and a few patterns from Ginnie Thompson and Leisure Arts. She said this was the newest thing at the market and could we figure out what to do with it. We took to it with a passion.

Teri stitched her first piece on 11 count Aida--with brown floss--of a farmer and his wife, and for some mysterious reason the wife ended up at least 30 stitches taller and wider than her husband. I was surprised, but she was undaunted and we knew it could only go up from there.

Next we began to design patterns to go with the patterned pillow fabrics in the knit shop and I began to do freelance designing for Vanessa Ann Designs.

In 1984, we decided to open our own cross stitch store in a historic building that once was a carriage/blacksmith shop. We completely renovated the space and embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. Along with the retail store, we also embarked on a design business with 5 small samplers stitched on linens that Teri hand-dyed in the back yard of the shop.

Teri has two delightful cats: Puff and Lance--both girls and both named by my 8-year old when they were born on a towel under his bed, many years ago.

I have a beagle named Lindbergh, a husband named Bob, and two boys named Peter and Christian who are also a lot like pets. Both boys were raised at the shop, and are featured on some our early design books.

Here is a fun write up from Norden crafts just click on the link below
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At The Shop

Lynnette Burgess

Lynnette Burgess has been with us from the beginning. She works out in front, and also cuts all the fabric and assembles most of the larger kits. She keeps the front in great order, she keeps us organized in the back.

Sue Bauter

If you ever call the shop, Sue is the one you’ll be talking to. she knows everything, and can help find almost anything. She deals with the phone, the mail orders and helps keep Tina sane in the back.

Nancy Whitley

Nancy holds down the middle of the week. She works out in front with the customers. She is always sweet and happy. She does all kinds of needlework, and she has been stitching for Teri like crazy.


Kari Lewis

Kari has worked for us since she was a child. She is our niece, and now just works on weekends as she has a little boy of her own to keep her busy at home. She is expecting another boy in July..


Reeta Arneson

Reeta is our newest worker. She is a very accomplished stitcher and keeps us on top of everything new that is out there.  We love seeing all her finished projects, and sometimes she lets us borrow them for a while.