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Hi Friends,
Thanks for stopping by our website--virtual store.  We hope it will provide you with a welcome refuge from this crazy world we are in.  During this time of Pandemic perplexity, our shop is not open in any normal way.  We are still not open for drop by shopping, but we are here every day taking phone calls, filling mail orders, and preparing pick up orders for our front porch (step.) If you want something, we can definitely help you find the perfect project and supplies to either mail or pick up out in front.  We will do absolutely everything--from sending photos to FaceTime--to keep you stitching and happy.  If you are having trouble getting through--our phone is busy--a lot--send an email and we will get back to you.  Be sure to browse our darling website which we update all the time.  Check out our blog which will keep you in tune with life at Shepherd's Bush.  We are here for you--in a safe and virtual way.  
phone:  801-399-4546   email:  bushworks2@aol.com