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Thanks so much for checking by our website.  We try to update it often and hope you enjoy browsing through all of our fun things--both new and old.  Remember--you can't order directly off of our site, but if you give us a quick call, we would love to talk to you, answer any questions and take your order for you.  Have fun sharing a taste of Shepherd's Bush with us.  

We are delighted that the retreat is full with a waiting list.   You can see the Retreat Brochure on our retreat link.  For those of you that made it in, Yippee!!!  we will have so much fun.  Those of you that did not,  I am so sorry, we will miss you.  If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please give us a call. Thanks everyone!!!

 Check out the teachers, the schedule, and the Retreat Brochure on the retreat link.